Construction Update

by Scott McLeod | Mar. 23, 2018

Peninsula Neighborhood Construction Nears Completion


The construction process for the Peninsula development is approaching the finish line.  Won't that be great!!!!  Many of you have been through the entire process from start to finish, but we all will be thankful when the final work is completed.


As of this time, the three Willenbrock Circle homes in the photo should be  completed and ready for occupancy.  The final developer project is the 36-multi-plex building located at the bend in Foster Road. This building is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2018, and it has not been announced whether it will be sold as condominiums or rentals.  It's exterior will mirror the multi-plex building at the corner of McCleary and Foster Road,  providing symmetry for the end points of the neighborhood.


Scott McLeod

Peninsula Neighborhood Events 7


Scott McLeod is a Peninsula resident and on the Event Committee. The Event Committee plans the four annual neighborhood parties and writes community articles for the neighborhood website.

Article: March 23, 2018

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